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Application XxSorroWixX

5 months 3 weeks ago #14734 by XxSorroWixX
online whenever i have spare time :D mostly evening tho

Lvl 187
HR 17

Attack Abilities: 1684
Defense Abilities: 2210

Your equipment:
as you can see from my stats, i have nothing that special to mention, archiridium +7 with 7 or 8 amp and the like. i have a lvl 20 pet tho =D

In which guild(s) were you in before? Why did you leave it/them?Do you have any friend inside Oblivion?

--> i was with iPentaPirate in a guilde, but he joined you =)

Do you play TGs/Mission war? i prefer dungeons
We are also an hunter guild, Are you confortable with bosshunting? y

i have read the requirement, trial and rules topics and accept them.

Can you tell us how many dungeon runs you have completed from the dungeons ic1 and higher?

IC1: 92
IC2: 161
AOS1: 102
AOS2: 64
FI: 29
FT2: 84
MO: 60
AFI: 0
AFT2: 2
EOD3: 0

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5 months 2 weeks ago #14748 by SaintJabber
Replied by SaintJabber on topic Application XxSorroWixX
Sorry for delay but my guildmates are really lazy regarding their forum activity. We started voting and let you know the result soon.

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