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4 years 7 months ago #14841 by Gabriel
hi was created by Gabriel
Character nickname: Hunamatata
Your nickname(how you like to be called): Huna
Nationality: Romanian
Language(english is a must): English
In which part of the day you are active in game? and how many hours?: During the day, a few hours i would say.

When was your char created?: 18-08-2019
Character Class: Force Blader
Level: 170 (til 190 end event)
Honor Rank: 12
Nation: Procyron

Your Stats(without bm):
Attack Abilities: 1563
Defense Abilities: 1923

Your equipment:
Weapon(s): archi 7 amp and 20cd +3 sig 36cd +16
Boots:acrhi.8 amp
Gloves: paladium 7 amp
Helm: sig 36cd
Suit: archi.7 amp
Rings:g, Killian’s Ring, 3x Critical Ring +2
Amulet: Amulet of resist+4
Belt: Belt of Fighter +4
Bracelets: bof+7 and +8
Earrings: Vampiric Earring +9 and +7
Charm: amber+5
Carnelian: +7
Epaulet: rare epaulet of fighter
Pet: dire board lvl 14
Board: k-red

Essence Runes: amp lvl 1
Blended Runes: none

In which guild(s) were you in before?
Why did you leave it/them?
Do you have any friend inside Oblivion? Kvetoslava12.
Do you play TGs/Mission war? YES
We are also an hunter guild, Are you confortable with bosshunting? Yes

Have you read the " Requirements", " Trial member rules " and also " Full member rules " and accept them? Yes

Do you often read the official forum? If you are active there, please provide your forum name.

IC1: 5
IC2: 1
AOS1: 7
AOS2: 0
FI: 0
FT2: 5
AFI: 0
AFT2: 0
EOD3: 0

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4 years 7 months ago #14843 by Csimlord
Replied by Csimlord on topic hi
Hey, use ingame application.

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