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Requirements was created by Thisiss
Currently Oblivion is looking for the following classes:

FB - FS - GL - WI - FA - BL - WA - FG

Minimum requirements to join:

- Able to talk/type/understand proper English

- A decent set which means:
- Minimum of 8%amp parts shineguard/tera/mystic+11 (lower items can be accepted if they are +15 or have over 8%amp or extra amp/mcr)
- Max craft helm(extended or not)(non max craft but extended with rate/amp are also accepted)
- Max craft weapons at least Red Osmium/Topaz (except mithril, but atleast +11)
- +7 bracelets /vamp earings +7 and +8 sage/fighter epaulet (or good prideus/sienna bracelets)
- Amulet of Pain +6 and belt of Figther/Sage +10 or higher
- Carnelian +10 and Talisman +6 or higher
- Rol+2/Cr+2/RoX+10 or leth and killian ring

- Level 190 or higher
- Attack Ability: 3k+
- Nation: Capella/Procyon
- Honour Class 15 or higher
- Experience in all dungeons (AFT2 and EOD3 can be an exception)
- Mature behaviour
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