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Trial Members rules

11 years 6 months ago - 6 years 9 months ago #4 by Thisiss
Trial Members rules was created by Thisiss
IMPORTANT:you have to check these rules before making an application and you will have to follow them (during and after your trial period) if you will get accepted inside guild and so on get in trial status.

- Respect all others guild members, try to not be rude with them.
- Do not engage any flame war inside and outside the guild, if you got a problem or a discussion with a player
you will have to explain the situation to the guild master or to any co-lead, they are the only one who can help you.
- Flame starters/whiners on guild chat can lead to being kicked.
- Many hot heads after flame war leave guild, there is a small chance that some of them will come back, it's better to
solve problem or don't start flame at all.

- You must participate in guild dungeon and hunting.
- While you are in trial TGs are not a must.
- If you have some unwanted craft materials, better give it to honored crafters/ guild warehouse.
- Crafters should craft to guild for free, only if person will want to sell craft u can ask for part from sale.
- If you only solo and making profit only for yourself, you will get a warning and eventualy can be kicked. If no guildmate is available for your desired dungeon, feel free to join up with buddies.

- while in trial you can't be a party leader, the pt. lead should be assigned(in order) to the Guild master,
co-leader or any other normal member(preferably with premium)
- The party leader will set the rule "Leader only - Roll a dice" and will share all drops at the end of dungeon.
- Non-Trials members have a priority over the trials one on buying an items that dropped.
- If you are interested on buying an item dropped in party you can do it, you have a limit of 3 day to gather alz,
if you fail gathering alz into the time limit the drop will be sold inside guild.
- You participate on our Ring Lot List (We keep count of how many full guild runs were done by each guild member, the table with the run counts is under Guild News. The person with the most guild runs gets the ring. There is currently a count for AFT and another one for EOD3).
EXCEPTION: If there is an outsider in the party, then everyone can roll (rule applies to EOD3 only, since AFT ring is tradable)

We now have a discount for trial members and it is of 15%(+ take off your part of the share) discount from price reference of ch6/AH

- The only language allowed in guild is ENGLISH as we are an international guild, you can use other languages in party.

- While in trial you can check the trade section and look for any item to buy or sell.
- We will write a thread about your trial status and we'll let you know if you will be able to become a full member.
- Trial status will be a maximum of 3 weeks

Once you pass trial(if it is your case) you will have new rules, check them >HERE<
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