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Hey everybody!

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7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 2 months ago #7658 by Tehnix
Hey everybody! was created by Tehnix
Hey everyone,

yesterday some cabal player contacted me in order to buy some of my old MFS mithril amp items, and this has led to alot old memories coming back that I would like to share with you guys.

After soome intense google action, I found that you guys are still keeping this guild and the name OBLIVION alive, huge props for that!

Symante's post in the other thread inspired me to remember what has happened in cabal and think about all the good memories I still got in my head after all this years. This is his post:

Symante wrote: BUMP :D
I also came to say Hi and i see no reason to make another topic so i post it here :)

Hello Oblivion guild! It's awesome to see its still alive and strong!.
Im Symante - not sure if anyone remembers me i guess the ppl i played with are already gone from Cabal. But i sure remember players like Sneeper Oracle Tehnix MissJupiter Xanzy GajnerX Flurba SiCk Yoshikou (cant remember full nickname tho XD) Redyx and many others i cant name ;D (this sounds wierd ;D "i remember but i cant name" doh there was this german girl that worked in callcenter and im not sure was it Pythia or was it Luna :D or that guy eee ah Maiku - that one was wierd even in Oblivion standards) Tons of memories! PK at Chaos Arenas on CH 15 :D:D usually vs ThanKienMon (or something like that) and later vs Solaris i think. PK on berderk hunts (funny as fuck) and all the time spam "sick my duck". I must say that within past years after leaving Oblivion i joined many guilds and played with many ppl. But individuals in Oblivion beat them all in instanity, vulgarity and madness :D also this sense of humor just cannot be copied (ofc its all in SUPER HYPER FUCK YOU POSITIVE WAY)
I left the game at 20-09-2009 (if im correct :D) its the date of Aion Online headstart. Some Oblivion Cabal players moved there to start Oblivion in new game :) I dont know how long Oblivion lasted in Aion (i was absent when most off ppl left) but in its time we had alot of members and the guild was really active. Anyway its the past. Its really great to see that in Cabal guild is still strong! LONG LIVE OBLIVION and sick my duck :)
So much great memories srsly, im so lucky i came to cabal forum to see if there is any event and i noticed on Luna's profile big OBLIVION tag :D just had to click it muahahahaha

Personally, I started playing cabal the day it got into open beta, that must have been summer 2007 I think. First I started on Mars and then switched to jupiter the day it opened. I played a FS since I knew from my time in mars that this class was totally underpopulated and pretty much everyone thought this class is super CRAP, just useless and cant be any good. Needless to say that many people got teached a real good lesson soon enough B)

On the first day of jupiter, I must have seen atleast 1000 people with the Knights of Shadow guild tag under the names (or was it above?), but I prefered staying guildless for that day and just kept grinding like a slowpoke until like level 50.

On the second day however, I met SiCKHeAD, I'm sure some of you might remember him. He was the one who created OBLIVION and was searching for members. Impressed by his super funny attitude, I joined OBLIVION and kept staying there for my whole time playing cabal, and even now I still carry it inside of my head for some reasons. From then we kept progressing as a guild and as friends, with SiCK (I will never forget that you always have to type the second letter of his name small, while the rest must be capitals) being ahead of everyone else, including crafting swords.

As a side note, sick and me are still talking to each other on a regular basis, even now, that its like 7 years since we started playing cabal each other, but more to this later)

Everyone kept supporting sick with crafting by handing out this blue swords with a socket for free, but ofcourse, as some of you remember sick, he could have never accepted anything for free. so he payed everyone like 150k for the swords, which was the comon market value (there was no AH at that time, and the huge amount of shops in the Warp Center during the first weeks made alot of people crash all the time).

So, as time went by, Oblivion kept growing and growing and so did KoS led by TheTitan, who could ever forget this name. During that time, people like Calli (wizz), JAGUAR (FA), Dwaynas (not sure if the name is correct, he was a GA and a FS) and MissJupiter (aka MJ, wizz) were part of them, but due to internal differences Calli and JAGUAR left KoS like 2 weeks after the server start and joined Oblivion. Both of them had quite alot of knowledge about the game and became quite high positions within the guild, co-leaders within the guild I think, while I personally was still the noob- (sword) FS who couldnt even deal enough damage to quickly finish this level 75 lake-in-dusk dungeon within 10 minutes, and everyone laughing about me and my lack of any serious damage.

After more internal conflicts within KoS, MJ decided to join us in Oblivion, and from then on, Oblivion had its first GA, which, at that point of time, was a huge advantage due to internal information spread between the GMs and the chosen-ones from the player base. TheTitan at that point of time was the GA-Leader if I remember correctly.

At that time, we kept getting more and more members including LoshBatko(WA), Tomislav (later known as Hakuteiken) RandomHero (Tomeh aka Maxwell, FB), Surviv0r (FB), DonDiego (not sure about his name, he was a FA and quit several months upon joining us), Flurba (FB), Yade (wizz) and her sister Develine (FA).

Yade and Develine were friends of MJ, which is why they joined us and if you, MJ, will ever read this: I owe you one for this. Yade, Develine and me became quite good friends, and even after all this years we still talked to each other quite alot, but sadly somehow we lost each other by now.

By that time, we all were like level 120 - 130, everyone got there grinding the tower of the dead (B1F ?), as Mutant Forest and Lakeside were still too hard for us for some reasons. After a while, we kept improving and started doing 4 player - tower of the dead 2 (B2F ?). At that time, maximum player amount in partys were 4, so in the beginning it was SiCK, MJ, Jaguar and me usually, if I remember well, as we were the 4 highest level peoples in the guild by that time. During that time I continued feeling useless, as my damage was getting worse and worse somehow while everyone started improving quickly.

So I came to the point that I needed to change something, and that was the point where I completly changed my playstyle. I just said FU to all of this crappy sword skills, and just picked the magic lances and cannons to shoot, and completly changed my gear. Quickly I realized that this somehow was ALOT better than all I tried before, and so I kept working on refining the gear & playstyle while still knowing that this was definitly not ment to be the way the game developers want me to play.

My damage got alot higher to the point, where B2F with 4 players became super easy, and then we started doing B2F with like three 4 player groups at once, with atleast 1 experienced person per group, in order to maximize the guild-wide-progress. So we started doing more and more lakeside, including berderk runs with SiCK searching for berderks like crazy, and everyone else getting quite often owned while running there, since we had the damage, but not the defenses to survive.

At this time, more and more people started joining oblivion as people recognized us teamplayers who improved alot and tried to keep in touch with everyone at the same time. Including them was the polish crew (Yoshikou, Symante (?) and some others) aswell as one quickly improving WA called GajnerX and blader Kliaksa (not sure about the name anymore). Also GhostSentinel (FS at that time, latter known as MissNasti (wizz)), maiku (crazy FA, noone can ever forget him), Redyx (blader) and Anahita(blader, and special BOT-hunter in MF) joined us.

I'm not sure what our Capella-rival-guild KoS did at that point, but they seemed to have alot of internal conflicts, but TheTitan did alot of bad decisions. The drama between Oblivion and KoS increased alot, when TheTitan appointed a person who was widely known for using bots (and he even got banned for doing so) as GA. That was the point when TheTitan lost all of his credibility within the game for me, and also for alot others, including MJ. So the discrepancy between KoS and Oblivion became so high that we started hunting them down on all of the PK channels, and especially on berderk runs. From there on, alot of drama ingame aswell as within the forums was established. I'm sure when you dig within the jupiter forum deep enough you will find tons of drama and funny threads there.

Alot of us Oblivion members started getting involved in PK actions, either willingly on accident (I still remember the drama Calli created because TheTitan pked her once, then it was all over), and then we started thinking about guild-progress and tried to claim ALL the berderks for us. Sadly, alot of the turkish capella guilds became victims of this decision and got pked while attempting to kill berderk, which has led to alot of threatening aswell as the two most famous phrases that I will probably never be able to forget :


(they tried to get us, but specially me, banned for pking them while attempting the boss, although it was all within the game rules and nothing could be done about it).

More and more forum threads kept popping up about Oblivion being the worst scum and pieces of shit in the turkish forum sections and the jupiter sections, while most of this drama was most likely caused by me, and noone else. Some drama within Oblivion kept popping up due to this, since people were acusing other guild members due to my actions. On the one hand this was funny, but someone SiCK, as the guild leader, had to act in order to protect the guild, so he told me to stop pking at all.

Immature as I was, I couldnt stop pking as it was just too much fun, so I somehow got the brilliant idea to change my name to Etaya, in order to make it look like Oblivion accepted a new member who was responsible for all the bad publicity. But as I wasnt satisfied with this name, like 2 weeks later I changed back to Tehnix and then we someone just got along with our guild members getting PKed by everyone, especially by KoS and turkish guilds.

Then some time later Chaos Arena got released, and upon alot of failures during the first months we someone established a quite good system which helped everyone to improve. We collected all the drops within CA, sold them, and then bought new entry tickets and buff potions for everyone and handed them out before every run. We always went on channel 15, as this was the only none premium PK channel with CA at that time. we tried to fit all of our members in, so we just pked everyone who didnt belong to our guild but still went in, just to kick them out.

Then at one point ThePwnz (WA) joined us. at first he was quite a nooby WA, but he improved alot was online pretty often. Members from KoS warned us that he was cought botting in the past, but at first we didnt believe this accusions. later on we cought him botting ourself and quickly got rid of him (we always had the no botting policy and instant kick + report if we found someone violating the game rules). some time later, he joined ThanKhienMon (TKM), a procyon guild which was known for giving ex-botters and cheaters a home at that point.

Alot people got TKM members botting, so our personal quest for getting rid of this shame-of-a-guild completly since there were atleast 20 botters in there at one point. GMs kept ignoring us, even though we had video proofs and worked together several GAs from the procyon side, but I sadly cant remember their name. It was a FB and a FA, both were GA and procyon, but later they changed to cappella and joined us.

During that time also the conflict between KoS and Oblivion become extremely huge, so it was either you stick to Oblivion or you get PKED. Yoshikou somehow found a way to cheat the jail, so even if you pked like 10 of them, you could just repeat this 5min later. More and More drama kept popping up and it was all just alot of fun in general, atleast I think so.

I cant really remember what has happened afterwards, but probably I can share with you the most entertaining GA application you have seen so far. I'm not sure if I ever shared it publically or not, but TheTitans reaction towards is was a quite surpringly google-botlike answer.
Here it is: (found it in my forum pm-box)

Charecter description:

* Name -> Tehnix
* Class -> FS
* Level -> 157
* Skills -> dbl. Trans.
* Guild -> the one you want to quit the game.
* Nation-> cap

Expirience information:

* When did you start playing Cabal Online
-> 1 year ago in June, when Cabal open beta began
* Have you played any other versions
-> nope
* Have you played on any of the other servers (information about chars on them)
-> Mars: lvl107 wizz, some lvl50s
* Screenshot with your minutes in game
-> not going to SS this, check my xfire profile and
you will find 2000 hours, which is more than 50k

What type of player are you?
-> need a real answer? I'm a PK, and i PK 24/7.

* What do you do usualy in game
-> PK everyone, exspecially you.
* Tell me how do you spend your average day in cabal
-> trying to find you and your little slaves, in
order to kill them
* Do you see yourself playing in 3 months, or 6
-> yes, until I PKed everyone.

Some information about yourself:

* How old are you
-> 21
* Other games that you enjoy playing
-> UT, D2...
* Your XFire account
-> tehnix
* Why do you want to become a Game Advisor
-> I want bot immunity, in addition getting alot
forum threads because people got PKed by a GA.
* Any other info that you wish to share
-> yes, I'm the perfect person for this job.

Feel free to add any comments that you think are important
-> I expect you to spread this apllication across the

TT's reaction:

Originally Posted by TheTitan

Thank you for your application. After much consideration, I feel that you do not currently match the requirements for this position, and are sadly outmarked by the level of knowledge and commitment shown by other applicants. Feel free to re-apply at a later date, when we announce further open spots in our GA Team.

Yours TheTitan

This thread is a direct result of this application:
Note that DontLickPls within this thread was MJ, who was banned from forums during that time for insulting TheTitan :cheer:

I cant really remember what has happened afterwards in cabal, and sadly I can't hand out any old screenshots as I changed computers 2 times between now and then, and lost them all in the process. SiCK told me yesterday that he still got all of the old screenshots, including the golden entrita one I hope B)

If anyone wonders what has happend alot of the former cabal players:

After the time in cabal, several cabal players changed to AION, including SiCK, MJ, Bluff, Flurba, Yade and Develine (for the beta atleast) and me. I'm sure there were more of them, but sadly I cannot remember.

Later on I lost contact with MJ within AION completly as my life went on and I started having alot less time for playing in general, while he tried to play alot more AION then neither SiCK nor me could spend. Bluff was lost inside of aion aswell.

I talked to flurba about a year ago, he started stuying either ship - or plane - engineering (cant really remember which one it was), but havnt seen him since then.

maiku, redyx and klia started playing dragon nest SEA for a while, I joined them about 2 years ago for a while, but then work got more demanding for me and so I quit.
later on, redyx, maiku, sick and me started playing diablo 3, this was in may 2013, but the game was such a peace that crap that redyx, sick and me all quit it. randomhero and TicTuc (former FS of oblivion, aka Akeelah I think), who I forgot mentioning before, also played it for a day or two but didnt like it. I still see TicTuc player other games on xfire saw pretty regularly.

about sick: as mentioned before, still talking to him on a dayly basis, he became a good friend, and the two of us are now playing Path of Exile, and ARPG game which is just extremely good and got great (and non-greedy) game developers. Its worth checking out if anyone of you will ever be interested.

Last but not least: I've grown up by now, left all of cabal behind me but still keeping the memories mentioned above within my heart. Currently I'm a full-time math student, going for my masters-degree and working in university aswell as some minor jobs. I dont have much time left for playing, but when I do, its path of exile and/or UT2004 only.

Not sure what is left to say, but I apologize to anyone I forgot mentioning, and to anyone who had no idea that THIS is the guild you joined, well, now you learned some funny things :)
Also I'm sure there is alot more to say and SiCK might (or might not) be interested in contributing a bit aswell.

ps: if MJ will ever read this, I wonder if you got your MissJanahara!

pps: about the porn section in the old forum, I'm sure this has NOT been my idea, but I cannot tell whose idea it was!

edit: forgot to mention: at one point we decided to rename OBLIVION into Oblivion. Sadly, the game didnt allow a direct guild-name change from all capital latters to small ones, so we had to create a different name in order to change it. this has costed me like a fortune, so I got to decide which name we can take. I decided to rename it to SickMyDuck, so all of us had the guild tag SickMyDuck. It was hilarious. Surprisingly, there was a cooldown of 24h for guild changes, so we couldnt change it back to Oblivion directly. This has caused SO much drama with the females within the guild, they even left the guild those 24h as they couldnt bear running around with this above their head. So much fun B)

edit2: actually found a screenshot of something that probably made me well known, but see for yourself:

this is how I got them:

edit3: found TicTuc's CA video on youtube:

sadly the quality is too bad, but this was just pure awesomeness at that time.
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7 years 2 months ago #7664 by DkBlader
Replied by DkBlader on topic Hey everybody!
Read everthing, thx for some missing info I had about the general :D

No drift signature cause, car is 2Dirty.

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  • Ceraon
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7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 2 months ago #7668 by Ceraon
Replied by Ceraon on topic Hey everybody!
I've been seeing this stpry myself apart,until i joined right after some oldies moved to AION.First names while i joined i recall - Ally MissNasti and some others.Quite after that the storyquest with DA guild has began.

EDIT: There should be some vids in xfire when we first started fighting SolariS-es.I was playing on my iDrunk WA back then.We were also supported by Eternity .
Last edit: 7 years 2 months ago by Ceraon.

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7 years 2 months ago #7672 by Sazu
Replied by Sazu on topic Hey everybody!
nice of you to come by and tell us something about old school obli =)
take care.

Youtube channel
~Le Wild SazuramY~

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7 years 3 weeks ago #8214 by Sneeper
Replied by Sneeper on topic Hey everybody!
Wow nice story tehnix. MOst of the facts about KoS and other things I knew already and made me remeber a lot of things about my starting time in Oblivion too. Seems like you had a lot of fun in the past with the other former Oblivians. I'm happy that I got the pleasure to become an oblivian back then too. The most i liked was the PK action :D. Still have many memories about CA and other things.

Looking forward to see SiCK here and some other old Oblivion fags which played before my time here^^. Maybe then I will know which idea it was to open a porn section on the old forum xDDD

why not make a porn section here? xDDDD

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  • Ceraon
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7 years 3 weeks ago #8215 by Ceraon
Replied by Ceraon on topic Hey everybody!
Lol pk in CA was ultimate fun , who could ever forget this :D

SneepyFag ,pal you are an admin,make pron section of your own :O !

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  • MJ
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6 years 2 months ago #10728 by MJ
Replied by MJ on topic Hey everybody!

Dings wrote: Hey everyone,
ps: if MJ will ever read this, I wonder if you got your MissJanahara!

Hey tenten, sorry for late reply but you waited only 11 months 3 weeks for it so it's ok. :side: :

she was really nice and we had awesome holidays together in turkey unfortunately we broke up because of distance/can't live together but we wanted to...

i ve read your entire post and you've a pretty good memory

and hi to you guys (and girls :blush: :silly: ) hopefully you had/have good time in Oblivion :)

p.s. Tenten, special quest status - completed
(only you can understand this so you know i'm the real MJ B) )

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  • Tehnix
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6 years 2 months ago #10756 by Tehnix
Replied by Tehnix on topic Hey everybody!
wow, MJ, you are still alive!

Can comfirm that this is the real MJ, nice to see you. What are you doing nowadays?

In regards to your other post, SiCK, Scott, RandomHERO (aka Maxwell aka Tomeh, I'm sure you remember him) and me are still playing path of exile, maybe you want to play with us aswell ;)

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  • MJ
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6 years 2 months ago #10773 by MJ
Replied by MJ on topic Hey everybody!
i'm playing hearthstone, i played diablo 3 before it. i'm looking for a new job and i'll try to get TOEIC

thats basically what i played the most after aion. ofc i remmember him, i invented his name ( Tomaxwell ) :P

did you check Lost Ark ? it's going to be out in long looks pretty good

i may try Overwatch / LostArk, haven't been interested much in other games. but thats good because i need to play my real life offline a bit more than usual even if there is so much RNG in that weird game ;)

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